Sunday, April 3, 2011

Echo of Love

Sometimes there are things that happen, that remind you to be grateful for something that you have, or in this case, someone.

I LOVE my husband. Now obviously I always love my husband, but I may not always remember to appreciate him. It’s easy to say we love someone, but sometimes it’s easy to forget just how much we do appreciate them.

About a week and a half ago I had surgery on my back.

Needless to say I was in quite a bit of pain (and not to mention somewhat drugged up from anesthesia), and was in NEED of quite a bit of help, especially the first day or so. I would constantly be calling my hubby to help me with things, or grab something for me. Not once did he complain about serving me those first couple of days. He even had taken off a couple days of work just to be with me, constantly checking on me every 2-3 hours (even throughout the night) to see how I was feeling, if I needed anything, and just to make sure everything was ok.

It was in those moments that I realized just HOW MUCH I truly appreciated what he was doing for me, and how he echoed God’s love for me.

Looking back at those couple of days made me reflect on my actions towards others and if I was echoing love- or something else. :/

The bible says the two most important commandments (not suggestions) are to 1-Love God, and 2-Love others (Mathew22:37-40). We can easily say, “Well of course we love God.” “Of course we love others.”  But what does loving others look like? Look at your actions, are they speaking love? Look at your words, are you speaking words of affirmation and encouragement into the life of a loved one or friend, or negativity and discouragement? We may be the only example of God’s love someone sees. What does it look like to them?

God’s desire for us is to be salt and light to this world, to be the extension of the hands and feet of Jesus (Matthew 5:13-16). Are we echoing the Love of Christ?

Ask yourself:
-Am I being an echo of love to others around me?
-Who is 1 person today I can “Love on?” and how am I going to show them?
-What are 5 ways I can be an echo of God’s love?

Check out this video of An Epic No Less and their song, "Echo of Love." Be Challenged to do. 

Challenged to Love,
- Kristen Marie

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