Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hello Dear Friends!

I am UBER (yes UBER!) EXCITED to share with you about ANOTHER AMAZING ministry and an OPPORTUNITY you can have this summer. It will allow you to come together with like minded women of faith, other writers, speakers, and women in ministry and reignite the passion you have to help ‘equip, encourage, and inspire.’

SHE SPEAKS 2011 will be held in Concord, NC, from July 22-24th. There are three tracks based on your passion, She Writes writing), She Leads(Women’s ministry),and She Speaks(speaking). There are additional pre-conference workshops you can attend. The event cost even includes hotel stay, and meals. WHAT AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!

I am SO SO SO EXCITED!!! (notice the exclamation marks, dear friends)to be able to attend this conference to help cast a bigger vision and picture for my life and for what God has been recently beginning to show me! I am just excited to see how God will continue to use me, and really believe in the power of attending this conference and what it could mean to and for me.
As I was growing up, I was always told I had a “gift for gab,” and being able to round up a group of kids and motivate them to do something (good or I could be swinging from bar to bar on the money bars and spot a kid playing by them self on the playground and strike up a conversation, and minute later be taking them along side of me to go and recruit a group of other kids playing by themself to come to gether and build a sandcastle. I made fast friends through being able to talk with anyone I came in contact with-whether they were 8 or 80, it didn’t matter. I loved to tell stories, get people together, and I loved to talk to others.

Although there was many times that my “gift” seemed more like a curse when I would be reprimanded for talking while taking a test, or while the teacher was talking as I grew it was one thing I knew I was good at. I could talk and encourage others to get together. It was definitely “a passion” of mine. ::smile::

Fast forward 20+ years, and I still love to talk, and get people together- by leading, encouraging, and motivating them. That looks alot different these days as I work with young women helping them through serious issues of their lives instead of a gathering a group of other five year olds trying to build a sandcastle.

My passion and desire has become speaking the truth of God’s word to young women’s lives. I have a passion and desire to share my life and my faith to somehow offer a sense of hope to other young women who have gone trough and struggled with so many things that I did growing up. From the experiences of physical and sexual abuse, struggles with eating disorders, feelings of brokenness, abandonment, and lack of self worth to the constant pressures of our culture and society (I competed in the pageant world), etc., I want to share out of those experience that there can be hope, healing, and forgiveness through Christ.

As I mentioned above, I was involved in the pageant world and also have worked with a skincare and cosmetic company. I have seen how much pressure society and the media can put on young women, and this is even more so engrained in them after going through trauma such as abuse, whether physical or sexual, rape, eating disorders, etc.

I want to share not only my experiences, in the hope of being able to relate with what so many young women (and even women of all ages) go through and struggle with, but to share with them that THERE IS HOPE, HEALING, FREEDOM and FORGIVENESS that can only can be found in and through Christ! I want to continue to encourage, build up and lead them into THAT truth!

Ok, so now the shameless plug for myself as to why I feel I should be chosen to win this scholarship.

Although there are many of us who could be “qualified” to win this scholarship (and I am sure there are going to be so many amazing an inspiring stories), I hope that you will choose me. Since I have found out about the possibility of this conference, my heart has been heavy with somehow finding a way to get there. I have been waiting, praying, hoping, wishing, wanting some way, somehow for an opportunity, such as this conference, to appear.

 I am NOT a trained speaker, teacher, leader, or writer(although I have had some experience in the writing I am not by any means a professional) and nor am I the child of any famous personality that I would automatically have some sort of platform that people would look at me and be drawn to me because of my name. HOWEVER, I do have a story to tell. And sadly, my story is all too similar to so many other young women out there who are too afraid to tell it, that they remain chained by the baggage and do not have any sense of hope, joy, forgiveness, healing or freedom from what has happened to them.

I want to SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS “THERE IS HOPE! FREEDOM! AND REDEMPTION!” If God can take me out of the circumstance I was in, and make me a NEW CREATION, beautiful and wonderful in His image, He can and HE HAS for them [young women] also.

By being able to have the opportunity to attend this conference it would be giving me the skills and tools to share this message that God has placed on my heart. To write, to speak, to lead, to encourage, to build up, to motivate others to the word of God.

 I would be ever so grateful for this experience and opportunity.

Love to you all,
- Kristen Marie

[PS…. I would LOVE to meet so many of you amazing women at the conference over coffee/lunch!! UBER EXCITED at the possibility!!! :)

PPS......If you are interested in attending this conference defiantely go check out it here on Renee's blog :

You can also leanr about Renee Swope on facebook here:!/renee.swope ]

The conference website is here:


  1. Kristen,

    I, too, have not been to the conference before and there are four of us going (regardless of whether or not we receive the gift of a scholarship....although it would be awesome). One of the girls going has already been gifted a scholarship; three more of us are continuing to pray and walk by "faith and footwork"...having faith but doing the footwork and trying to get there.

    We WILL be going and are already registered, using the "fundraising, sponsorship" option. We MUST get to know each other virtually and meet WHEN we BOTH get there.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  2. Hello Gidget!

    Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate your faith and excitement and would LOVE to the chance to meet you gals at the conference!


  3. I went last year and had a wonderful time. I am hoping for a scholarship or else I might need to have the biggest garage sale known to man. :) Good luck with the scholarship!

  4. Hello Jessica!
    Thanks for stopping by! I aprpeciate it! We WILL get there, even if it takes the biggest garage sale known to man! ;)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Can't wait to meet you in July. We will save you a seat :)