Sunday, February 6, 2011



Ok, so it been quite some time since our last chat. I could say that I've been busy, some serious family stuff came up, or that I've had other priorites. All of which are indeed are true, however they are also just excuses.

As much as I hate to admit I'm wrong, I know I very well could have made time to write and update here. But I didn't.

I was recently challenged and encouraged by a email I had recieved from fellow blogger chica friend that I met through a young 20something's web ministry. I had reached out to her to attempt to find some helpful tips, suggestions, etc. that would inspire me to be more consistent in my writing and posts.

(Nicki, I hope your ok that I have posted this little piece of encouragement!)

She said, "As for the writing thing...its hard girl. But I so badly want to be a better writer. So the one thing that I keep telling myself is the more I do it the easier the craft will become. I am also still trying to "find my voice" and style so that is why I felt like that 30 day journey to write almost every day was so important to me. We need to be challenging ourselves on a regular basis. :)"

It was encouraging to me that I wasn't the only one who struggled to find the time to write. It wasn't just me! But then I read her comment that, "We need to be challenging ourselves on a regular basis. :)" I realized I sooooooooooo have been making excuses. I have been busy, don't get me wrong. I think as a woman, all of us are super busy, running all over the place sometimes. However, if writing/posting and becoming a better writer was REALLY super important to me like I have been saying it was, than I REALLY needed to make it a priority to actually do it-no matter what. Committing to do it, even if no one reads my posts but me.

So, my committment-dare I post for you to see and keep me accountable ;) - is to posting and writing/updating via blog or vlog AT LEAST 1x a week! And you have full permission to keep me accountable. I would love to get feedback, hear any writing motivation tips, or just get to know more about you! Feel free to comment or email me!

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  1. Kristen, just watched your vlog and you are so cute! Love your heart and pursuit of excellence in your life. You go girl!

    And yes, its awesome that you passed these words on!

    Keep going girl, can't wait to see what you write about next. :)

    Much love,