Sunday, November 14, 2010

Live Broadcast Invitation with Author and host Anita Lustrea

Howdy Friends!
This past week I was invited to attend a lunch and live broadcast of Midday Connection, a local women's program on Moody Radio. The event was in celebration of Anita Lustria's book release, "What Women Tell Me: Finding Freedom From the Secrets We Keep."

It was an amazing opportunity to listen to Anita's personal stories and struggles, as well as the stories of those listeners she has incorporated into the book.

A friend of mine also came as a guest and we enjoyed having a wonderful time in the windy city, and my hometown of Chicago, and lunch with the Midday Connection team. It was a powerful hour and there was so much we didn't get to cover. I will be sharing next week what what discussed during the broadcast, and than also some of what was not able to be recorded on the broadcast.

I had the absolute honor and pleasure of being able to chat with Anita after the broadcast discussing how much I appreciated her transparency, authenticity, writing tips, and of course, to snag a signature for my book and a photo (I was EXTREMELY excited for this and will be posting next week as well, lord willing technology is working in my favor ;) ).

I started the book and have yet to be able to put it down! I would love to encourage you to snag a copy for yourself and also check out her website,, ad well as the Midday Connection website at

Love to you all,
- Kristen Marie


Videos from the brodcast:

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